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Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen  - Lauren Kate I'll admit it - Fallen is one of those books I picked up purely based on the cover. It has mystery and is just a really enticing cover. I've walked past this series countless times on bookshelves and thought "I wonder what that book is about?" Well, I'm truly glad I finally picked it up. After getting a couple of chapters under my belt, I was really pulled into this story. The dynamic between Daniel and Luce is just addicting, and I was instantly curious about what effect Cam might have on their story as well. Lauren Kate does a great job at creating very distinct characters here who interact well. I particularly enjoyed Luce, who began as a sort of outcast, and remained as such at heart- making her far more likable and relatable than the all too often found rags to riches approach for young adult main characters.I can sometimes be a little wary of books that open with a flashback or dream sequence, but in this novel, it was executed flawlessly. Without the peek into the past from Daniel's point of view, his character would have come across as too hot and cold in early chapters. The flashback beginning allows for his inner conflict to be hinted at, and gives you a better understanding of him from the very beginning (which is quite important as he starts out as a bit of a brat in the beginning!) but as always, purposes an intentions are slowly revealed and an awesomely intricate story is uncovered. Loved the characters, loved the concept, loved the cover. Loved.