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A Voice in the Wind - Francine Rivers Sometimes, every so often, you find a book that truly touches your heart. That when you put it down each night before sleep and reach over to turn off your light, the moment you close your eyes the scenes replay beneath your eyelids over and over until you can open the pages again. A Voice in the Wind is one of those books. In fact, the entire Mark of the Lion trilogy affected me like this. Hadassah is a character that becomes like a sister, and in the weeks following when I finished this book, her voice stayed with me. I wish I had more words for this series to express just how much it touched me, but just the thought of it leaves me almost wanting to stay quiet just out of reverence for it. I first read this series when I was about thirteen, and I read it again probably every year or two, just to revisit my old friends. The romances are innocent and pure and fascinating and tortured, and the way that Francine Rivers manages to touch on such important and still relevant issues in society is amazing to me. This trilogy will always be very close to my heart.