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This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers This book was told with a very interesting dynamic. It is told through the eyes of Sloane Price, a suicidal and extremely depressed girl who finds herself trapped in a high school with five other students during a zombie apocalypse. This is my first true zombie novel that I've read, so I might have been expecting a bit more... panic. A little more drama. It was actually quite hard for me to relate to Sloane, because the sudden attack of zombies happens to coincide with her planned suicide. So even though the world is ending right on her doorstep, she's still somehow apathetic and seems to recount the whole experience through a cloud. At times it was difficult to really get into the story, because it was told with this layer of apathy from Sloane that made it feel less intense. At the very start of the book I truly wanted to just slap Sloane and tell her to snap out of it. For some reason, I got really annoyed with the vacillating between wanting to die and trying to find a reason worth living for. I understood her reasons for being depressed and I felt for her - but there was still this part of me that felt like in a situation where there are literally zombies at your front door, you have to snap into some kind of action, right?But before you give up on this book, give it a chance. Maybe Sloane will be for you, who knows. She just wasn't my type of person. What was really fascinating was watching the dynamic around the other five students develop. It was so interesting to see how roles were fought over and disputed - especially since most of them were just above the level of strangers before being trapped and are now having to depend upon each other just to stay alive. I'd heard so much hype about this book that maybe I was expecting too much from it. I know that does happen sometimes.I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the ending, either.