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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver, Sarah Drew This review can also be found on my blog at www.thefictionconniption.com---In the future, love or "delirium" has been cured. At the age of 18, each person will be cured of the disease, and ushered into a structured and secure life without love and the complications that come with it. In Lena's world, love has been blamed as the root reason for many of the world's greatest problems from famine to war - and the only way to control the infection, is to remove it early. Delirium gave me all the swoons. It's a beautiful story about a young girl who discovers not only love for the first time, but also herself. That ancient part of her that has always known something was not right in the society she lived in. The romance between Alex and Lena was delicate and raw, and the issues that Lena faces while trying to decide which path she should follow are completely breathtaking. The ending was like running as fast as you can to the edge of a cliff and being forced to stop right on the edge. My heart was racing, I felt nervous for Lena, and I couldn't wait to download the sequel! Audiobooks can be tricky things, I've decided a huge amount of it comes down to who is narrating it. Luckily, the narrator of Delirium (Sarah Drew) did an amazing job. For some reason, it sounded like Mandy Moore was reading to me for some parts of it, if that gives you a better idea of the tone of voice. The narration in this one completely made the book for me, I'm not so sure I would have enjoyed it nearly as much had I been reading it the traditional way!