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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

There has always been something in me that has been hesitant about jumping on bandwagons. Part of me waited so long to start Obisidian because the back cover just didn't really excite me very much. I'm going through a dystopian phase right now, and I'm in love with plot-driven books that bend the mind and challenge pre-conceptions.

Admittedly, that's not what Obisidian is about. And yet, I literally stayed up into the wee hours of the night to finish this one. I finished Obsidian in near one (long) sitting. And I finished Onyx (book 2) even quicker - but more on that later.

As far as plot lines go, Obisidian isn't going to blow your socks off. It's your basic girl moves to new town, finds out neighbors are aliens, falls for one of them, and has to fight the bad guys. There really aren't many plot twists, and big mysteries aren't going to keep you up late at night. However, what WILL keep you up and engrossed in this book, are the characters.

I've never read two main characters who had a chemistry like Katy and Daemon, and I'm guessing this is what has also led such a cult-like book blogger following for this book. At first, I really really did not like Daemon. He was a douche, as Katy would so often put it, but I enjoyed every second of their interactions. They were explosive and hilarious and awkward and some of the things that came out of Daemon's mouth had me laughing out loud.

But again, many of things that he did and said to Katy also had me wanting to slap him up the back of the head for being such a jerk. Then a dozen pages later, he'd do something that totally had me swooning. This is actually a quote from Onyx actually (no spoilers here, no worries), but I wanted to include it here because it really describes the character of Daemon very well:

"Deadly and sweet - that was what Daemon was; two very different kinds of souls rested in him, fused together."

In the end, it is this give and take between Daemon and Katy that kept me glued to this book. There are secondary characters that shape the story and frame the relationship between these two, but really - if I'm totally honest with myself - we're all just in it for Daemon. I was incredibly satisfied with how Obsidian ended as well, I was so glad that Katy is not just caving in. Instead, she is making Daemon deal with the consequences of having been so cruel to her, and for once, I was glad she was making him work for it.

As soon as I finished Obsidian, I downloaded Onyx and settled in for another late night. I'd love to see some more plot development in the coming books in the series. If you take Daemon and Katy, and add some plot twists and something that keeps me on the edge of my seat, this could easily morph into a 5-star series for me.