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The Princess Bride (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

The Princess Bride - William Goldman

It is purely essential to read this book. I was a fan of the movie, and when someone insisted that I read the book, I thought, "What's the point? The movie is hilarious - that could never translate as well!" But man, oh man - this book had my CRYING in laughter. I made the mistake of often reading it during study hall periods and times in the library when the fact that my eyes were tearing up from the pure hilarity in it made for some pretty uncomfortable snorts and awkward 'why is the chick laughing at herself over there?' moments. But they were worth it.


This book is completely required if you are at all a fan of the movie, or even just a fan of uniquely written books. I've never (and am fairly confident I never will again) read a book that owned its own style so perfectly.